Discover the benefits of an eco smart fire for your outdoor entertaining area


While you’ve probably seen the wonders a bioethanol fireplace can do for your interiors, you might be surprised to see how they can transform an ordinary outdoor space into a magnificent entertainment experience.

You’ve probably seen fireplaces and fire pits in many of the best outdoor living areas hailed in renovation magazines and TV programs, but while they offer an ambience and sophistication to the space, they’re restricted by the limitations of traditional fires. Bioethanol designer fireplaces, by contrast, can provide a truly innovative solution to outdoor entertaining, even in winter: they’ll light and warm even the smallest of apartment terrace spaces where traditional fires can’t be safely installed, and they’ll work just as well in larger gardens, pool decks, and patios.

But beyond the striking designer styles that eco smart fires offer are a slew of other great benefits: they’re eco-friendly, safe, and easy to use, and are a sustainable solution for virtually any type of contemporary outdoor living.

They won’t spark up your guests

A garden fire pit might sound like a great option for outdoor entertaining in the cold months, but as with all traditional fireplaces, they produce allergy-inducing smoke, ashes, and soot. They require buying or chopping wood, and dealing with the debris and dust that comes with it. These fuels also contain their own mixes of organic and non-organic compounds, which can cause respiratory tract irritation.

Because bioethanol fires burn denatured ethanol—which is derived from renewable materials—there aren’t any chemicals to breathe in.You and your guests won’t be going home with coughs, or the black residue in their noses that can sometimes happen with a traditional fire pit, because their emissions are clean. They’re odourless when they burn, which also means you won’t end the night with your party clothes drenched in the smell of smoke.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of eco smart outdoor fireplaces is their safety. Besides the obvious health benefits of eliminating the need to endure breathing in the toxic compounds released by traditional fires, there’s also no risk of embers being caught in the breeze and alighting on you and your guests.


They won’t smoke out the atmosphere

It might come as a surprise, but outdoor eco fires are a much friendlier option for the environment than traditional fire pits.

The energy consumption of eco outdoor fireplaces is much lower than electrical outdoor heating options. You won’t be slapped with an enormous bill, because they don’t need connections to gas or electricity. That also means you won’t have the guilt of an increased carbon footprint when you’re renovating your entertaining area.

And because denatured ethanol is a renewable resource, obtained from raw materials like sugarcane, potatoes, bananas, barley, corn and wheat, it doesn’t drain the environment of its precious natural resources. Denatured alcohol isalso biodegradable—its emissions are water vapour, and a small amount of carbon dioxide similar in volume to what we breathe out—so you don’t need to worry about pollution. With eco smart outdoor fireplaces, you can have the tranquillity and comfort of a designer-style fire, without pumping black toxic clouds into the environment.

They’ll fire up the cold nights

Don’t be discouraged by the artificial flames of the alternative options to traditional wood-burning fire pits you might have seen: outdoor eco smart fires deliver powerful, real flames, and a good amount of warmth.

Bioethanol fires are a great heating option, even for an outdoor entertaining area. Depending on the size and capacity of the model, you can achieve acomfortable warmth even in larger areas, and make use of your outdoor spaces during in the cold months.They’re also ideal if you’re looking to heat a smaller area, like a partially enclosed terraces in apartment buildings: they don’t need a flue, so all the heat they radiate is distributed throughout the space, and there’s also no emissions to contend with.

Part of their power in warming outdoor spaces is in controlling the heat loss characteristic of traditional outdoor fire pits. Eco smart outdoor designer fireplaces are engineered smarter than traditional fires, and depending on the design and additional screening and cover options, the heat they radiate is better controlled and more efficiently distributed than open fireplaces. This also reduces the amount of fuel they need to consume, so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to enjoy the ambient warmth of a designer alfresco entertaining area.

And because you only need to fill the burner with fuel and light it, they generate warmth instantly. There’s no struggling with lighting them or waiting for them to grow enough to warm the space. You can also turn them off whenever you’re ready, and the fuel you don’t use can be saved for later.

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You won’t get hot under the collar relocating them

One of the best reasons to buy an outdoor bio ethanol fireplace is that you don’t need to connect utilities to it. There’s no gas or electricity to deal with, so they’re inexpensive to install, and they don’t require permanent fixtures.

Outdoor eco fires are completely portable fireplaces: you don’t need to weigh up the heavy financial and logistic costs of installation like you would with a built-in traditional outdoor fire, because they can be moved on a whim, and you can take them with you wherever you go.They don’t need a flue, so you won’t be liable for the costs and permanent alterations needed to install a chimney.

Freestanding models don’t require any installation at all. There is also a range of optional accessories for mounting, screening and covering different models, which require about the same amount of work as mounting a flat screen TV to the wall.

But if you’re wanting an eco fire as a more permanent addition to your outdoor renovation, they’ll also lend themselves to building in as a feature or centrepiece. That’s the kind of versatility you can’t put a price on, especially for a designer fireplace that’ll be the crowning glory of your alfresco entertaining spaces.

They won’t burn a hole in your renovation budget

Because there’s little or no installation cost involved with outdoor eco smart fires, they’re a great option for renovations. Even with a larger model as a permanent fixture, there aren’t any flues or chimneys to get council permissions for, and it’s unlikely that installing the unit would add any significant labour expenses to your renovation budget.

There’s virtually no maintenance involved with bioethanol outdoor fireplaces, so you won’t be slugged with ongoing costs to enjoy them, like you might with a traditional fireplace or fire pit that needs regular professional cleaning. The running costs are also reasonable, but depending on the size of the space they’re heating, and the size of the unit, you shouldn’t be paying any more than you would with electrical heating. And paying for a renewable resource for fuel instead of electricity—that’s a whole other investment you can’t put a price on.

Because outdoor eco fires are designed and engineered to be durable, and they’re constructed from high-quality weatherproof materials (like tempered glass and steel), they’ll withstand a reasonable amount of exposure to the elements—ensuring a long lifespan for your unit. You’ll definitely pay more for a top of the range model or a larger burner capacity, but it’s likely to be a wise long-term investment for the comfort and designer style you’ll get in your outdoor entertaining areas.

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They’re so hot right now

Outdoor fireplaces are incredibly popular in contemporary renovations, which seem to be increasingly focused on glamour and luxury, rather than functionality. But with bioethanol outdoor fireplaces, you get the best of both worlds: the virtually limitless aesthetic and style options give them a distinct advantage over traditional fires—which is only enhanced by their simple functionality and usability.

An eco smart outdoor fire adds that extra element of beauty and luxury to your entertaining areas—and element that could be the difference between creating an ordinary space, and creating a high-end luxury experience that will add immense value to your property.

Offering both functional, year-round entertaining, as well as striking design, bioethanol outdoor fireplaces are that touch of glamour that’s so highly sought after in contemporary living.

At Ambience Eco Fires, we combine German design and innovation, and artisanal handcrafting,to create bespoke outdoor fireplaces that will honour the unique style of your home. Contact us for more information on any of our designs, and we’ll be happy to show you how to dramatically transform your entertaining areas and your living comfort, with a little ambience from an outdoor eco fire.

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