Combustion Chamber – Fire box details


Explore Radius-Design Combustion Chamber (Firebox). 

Unique only to these fires!


    1. Infinitely adjustable 5 mm strong flaps form stainless steel to regulate and erasure
    2. The special ceramic provides even flames
    3. Combustion chamber of stainless steel
    4. Laser welded safety combustion chamber

Denatured ethanol largely burns to steam and carbon dioxide. The combustion chamber by RADIUS DESIGN means it is not necessary to use thickening agents as is necessary for gels and pastes. As such it allows clean residue-free burning

“On behalf of all the residents of Sugarwood Grove Garden Villas, I am writing to thank you for providing the fire that contributed so much to the Christmassy ambience of our recent Christmas in July celebrations. It really set the scene as we entered the Community Centre and saw it glowing on the deck. Thank you from us all.”

Helen Ogle, Sugarwood Grove Garden Villas


“By far the best result of my dealings with Ambience Eco Fires has been the eco fire itself. German made, with absolute precision and beauty, it has established itself to be everything I had originally hoped for and “pictured”. Wanting the “portability” of a fire box, the “luxury & beauty” that can be afforded by a piece of art and seeking the acute ability to set a “mood” that only a dancing flame can procure, our “uni flame” eco fire has proved to be the perfect solution.

David Heffernan