Please read with manufacturers instructions 

Fireplaces and table top burners that use ethanol based fuel (Methylated Spirits, Bio Ethanol, and Bio Gel) can be dangerous if not handled with care.

Please follow these instructions to safely use this product.

Lighting the product

  • Always check that the product isn’t alight or smouldering before refuelling. Small flames may be difficult to see.

  • Read all safety instructions provided with the fuel.

  • Only use the recommended fuel. Do not use any other fuels (such as petrol, diesel

    or kerosene).

  • Never allow children to play with, light or refill this product.

  • Clean up any fuel spills before lighting this product. Flames may follow fuel that has

    been spilt.

  • Do not use a cigarette lighter or short matches to light this product. Use only a BBQ

    lighter or similar device.

During use

  • Keep this product on a flat and stable surface when in use. Do not move it while lit.

  • Use away from furniture, curtains, loose clothing, overhanging trees and other

    flammable materials.

  • Only use in a well-ventilated area. Fuel vapours can accumulate in closed areas and

    ignite without warning.

  • Keep flammable liquids and gases away from flames at all times. This includes gas

    cylinders or items with flammable propellant (such as fly spray).

  • Do not allow pets near this product.

Extinguishing flames

  • Always extinguish a product before leaving it unattended. Never leave a lit fireplace or burner unattended at any time.

  • Only use the supplied tool to extinguish flames. Never extinguish a fuel fire using water; this will cause the fire to spread.

  • Make sure the fireplace or burner has fully cooled before refilling the fuel chamber. Storing the product

  • Store this product in a safe place when not in use. Always keep out of reach of children.

  • Make sure that fuel is stored safely with the lid tightly shut. Always keep away from flames and out of reach of children.

  • Always have suitable fire safety equipment, such as a dry powder extinguisher or suitable fire blanket. Store them nearby in case of an accident.

    Please keep this leaflet for future reference.
    We recommend storing with your burner when not in use. 

“On behalf of all the residents of Sugarwood Grove Garden Villas, I am writing to thank you for providing the fire that contributed so much to the Christmassy ambience of our recent Christmas in July celebrations. It really set the scene as we entered the Community Centre and saw it glowing on the deck. Thank you from us all.”

Helen Ogle, Sugarwood Grove Garden Villas


“By far the best result of my dealings with Ambience Eco Fires has been the eco fire itself. German made, with absolute precision and beauty, it has established itself to be everything I had originally hoped for and “pictured”. Wanting the “portability” of a fire box, the “luxury & beauty” that can be afforded by a piece of art and seeking the acute ability to set a “mood” that only a dancing flame can procure, our “uni flame” eco fire has proved to be the perfect solution.

David Heffernan