Wall-mounted fireplaces: why bioethanol fires are the clear winners

If you’ve got your heart set on the warmth and beauty of a fireplace as the centrepiece of your home, you’ve probably considered a few options already—but no doubt most of them involve substantial financial outlays, building permissions, and sacrificing a fair bit of your open living space.



You’ve probably seen fireplaces and fire pits in many of the best outdoor living areas hailed in renovation magazines and TV programs, but while they offer an ambience and sophistication to the space, they’re restricted by the limitations of traditional fires.

Bioethanol designer fireplaces, by contrast, can provide a truly innovative solution to outdoor entertaining, even in winter: they’ll light and warm even the smallest of apartment terrace spaces where traditional fires can’t be safely installed, and they’ll work just as well in larger gardens, pool decks, and patios.

But beyond the striking designer styles that eco smart fires offer are a slew of other great benefits: they’re eco-friendly, safe, and easy to use, and are a sustainable solution for virtually any type of contemporary outdoor living.

No need to pull your house apart

If you’re thinking about building a traditional fireplace into your wall, there’s a lot to contend with. You’ll have to cut into the wall and its studs, and reinforce the wall cavity—and there will be restrictions as to where you can do it to ensure that it’s safe, and that you’re not undermining the structural capacity of the house.

There might also be restrictions on which types of fireplace you can actually choose, because your walls will need to be able to accommodate cuts to the depth needed for different inserts.

You’ll also lose a significant amount of valuable floor space. There are rules about the clearance you need for wood-burning fireplaces, and taking this into account can really influence the layout of your room. You’ll have to weigh up which is more important, but a lot of the time,

the room will become so cramped that it’s not worth the effort and expense of installing the fireplace.

But having a fixed fireplace doesn’t mean you have to make permanent structural changes to your room. You also don’t have to settle for an electric fireplace to have a surface-mounted unit. With wall-mounted bioethanol fireplaces, you can have the warmth and ambience of real flames, without a bulky permanent fixture taking up space—and with a lot less clearance compared with traditional fires.

And while bioethanol fireplaces can be inset into the wall, the big benefit of surface mounting is that if you move house, or your want to reposition your unit to another space in the house, you can do it easily—and without leaving gaping holes in your walls.

No more than a couple of screws

You might think the only fireplaces that can be wall-mounted are electric ones. But bioethanol fireplaces are easily fixed to the surface of any wall, and for just a little bit of clearance, you can have the pleasure of the warmth and ambience of real flames.

You don’t need to make any structural changes to your house, or pay the labour costs for complex installation. All it takes is the same drill you used to mount your flatscreen to the wall, and you’ll have a gorgeous glowing fireplace casting its lovely warm light over your room.

While providing an elegant embellishment for any wall, wall-mounted bioethanol fireplaces have an inflammable corpus to guarantee your safety, and they only need a small amount of clearance—roughly 1.8 metres from the ceiling, and 2 metres from combustible objects.


  • post-photo-2
  • The simple process of installing a surface-mounted bioethanol fireplace involves

    • Aligning the fixing panel and marking the drilling holes
    • Drilling 3 holes (7 mm diameter)
    • Attaching the fixing panel safely and firmly to the wall with the appropriate fixings for your wall
    • Hanging the corpus on the mounting track, and checking that it is firmly secured
    • Inserting the firebox

It’s as simple as that! For just a few short moments out of your day, you can be sitting back and enjoying the warm glow of an attractive bioethanol fireplace, and all the benefits of sophisticated beauty and functionality it offers.

No compromising beauty for function

Bioethanol fireplaces are superior to traditional and electric fireplaces in many ways. They’re friendlier to the environment, because they don’t produce harmful emissions, and they use a renewable and biodegradable resource for fuel. 

They don’t cause messy ash or embers that cause allergies and fire danger. And they don’t require anywhere near the financial investment or the structural commitment of a traditional fireplace.

But perhaps the best reason to choose a bioethanol fireplace is the dual benefit of beauty and functionality.

Among our other attractive products, Ambience Eco Fires is proud to present the Wall Flame I, Wall Flame II and Radius series of wall-mounted fires, which deliver strikingly beautiful aesthetics with the safety and ease of use of an easily mountable and inflammable corpus. 


Operational guarantee

Our professionally designed units come with a 10 year operational guarantee, and are available in a several sophisticated cabinet colours, and options for gloss and matte steel finishes. 


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