Looking for the perfect Father’s Day Gift?

As September looms father’s day sneaks up on us once again. But alas, what should you get him?

Instead of dreading the thought of thinking up yet another present idea before September 4th, why not take it as an opportunity to show your appreciation of the father figure in your life. So instead of the classic Father’s Day gift – a pair of socks and ACDC album – put a little more thought into what you get your dad this year.


Here are a few of lovely the products Ambience Eco Fires has to offer, luxurious while maintaining the practicality of a warming fireplace – they are sure to be an ideal gift, especially for a deserving dad.

Wall Flame I & II Series

These two wall mounted fireplaces put somewhat of a twist on the traditional fireplace. If you have a spare wall to fill in your home or even a small amount of clearance, this will be the perfect addition. Both of these fireplaces use high-grade steel and the simplicity of glass to bring you an elegant and luxurious addition to any room.

The installation of the Wall Flame Series is no stress; this will guarantee your Dad can have a relaxing day this September 4th. Mounting the fireplace onto your wall requires no more than drilling three holes, simple!


Floor Flame Series

The Floor Flame Series is a completely freestanding fireplace. It’s a little bit smaller than the Uni Flame, measuring at 78cm wide and 31 cm high – this means it can fit in any room of your home. Whether it is the bedroom, living space or even the kitchen – the Floor Frame series is sure to bring an edge of sophistication that few others can.

As with all Ambience Eco Fires, the Floor Flame Series is clean burning, smokeless and completely odourless – just another reason it’s versatility can be enjoyed in any room of the house.

Uni Flame

The Uni Flame provides your home with a stand-alone fireplace. The best thing about this product is its versatility. It is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, meaning it guarantees cosy evenings in the garden or on the back patio watching the ambient real flames, while being in a safe environment.

The Uni Flame is made with a stainless steel base, available in a vast range of colours. With a length of almost a metre and height of 44cm, it is sure to bring a beautiful statement to your home whether it is indoors or outdoors.


High Flame Series

Need the addition of a bit of warmth to your home? Or perhaps it is a statement piece for a commercial display that your heart desires? Either way, the high flame series is ideal for you. The bio-ethanol flame sits enclosed by glass, on a 1.4 metre cabinet. This means it will add height and elegance to any space, indoors or outdoors.

Like all products Ambience Ecofires offers, the High Flame Series is German designed and manufactured. Offering the highest quality in fireplaces with a 10-year operational guarantee – meaning your investment in luxury, will be a lasting one.

Top Flame Series

Why not add the warmth and elegance of flame to any exposed tabletop, space or pedestal with the Top Flame Series. This simplistic fireplace offers a sense of versatility, which is unlike another. Available in the smaller 1.7 litre firebox, or the larger 3-litre firebox, there is a size for any space you need filled. As for colour options, the Top Flame Series comes in a white, black, stainless steel or gloss finish for your choosing.


Chimney Flame

Have a existing fireplace that you’d love to utilise but no time for the hassle and mess of it? The Ambience Ecofires Chimney Flame might just be the answer to your wishes. This innovative product is a movable unit for existing fireplaces, which burns using bio-ethano.

With the heating capacity of 1800 watts, the Chimney flame will provide you with the practicality of a fireplace while being clean burning, smokeless and completely odourless.

Fire Plate

Now this one is a little different to the rest of the Ambience Eco Fires range. The Fire Plate is a practical, atmospheric open fire – made for outdoor use specifically. The addition of the barbeque grill means you can cook food over the flame. What a perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day?


With a vast range of high quality, beautiful, denatured ethanol fires, Ambience Eco Fires is sure to have a suiting present for your dad this Father’s Day.
So why not show your dad how much you appreciate him this year?

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