Give your living areas a winter makeover

It’s that time of year again: the temperatures are dropping, and we’re moving into shorter days and warmer clothes. But the onset of winter doesn’t have to fill you with dread—think of it as an opportunity to get stuck into some seasonal decorating, and indulge in new forms of comfort.


With a few small changes and the right decisions, you can enjoy the cool, fresh air outside as well as snuggle up in the cosiness of a warm interior—and turn your home into a haven of sophistication and warmth that you can enjoy all throughout the cold months.

Block off the wind

One of the best ways to enjoy the cool, crisp air of the cold months without getting chilled to the bone is by setting up strategic wind breaks.

Decorative aluminium and timber shutters can interrupt the passage of wind gusts through your outdoor living spaces and into your interiors, while at the same time adding a touch of class to your home. Clean, slatted privacy screens will add a sleek sophistication to your outdoor spaces, but for an elegant and classic style, you can even add vines and creepers to give a more organic and rustic feel. They go a long way towards stopping the wind in its tracks without shutting yourself inside.

There are many other structural additions, like pergolas, you can make to combat the gusty days throughout winter. But if you’re looking for a simple and less permanent way to block the passage of the wind, you could try using clear plastic café-style blinds: they roll up when you’re not using them, and you can see through them when you are, so you can still enjoy the outdoors even when it’s windy. Just remember if you’re using outdoor fireplaces and fire pits (including bioethanol fires) that you haven’t blocked out all the fresh air.

Bring out the blankets

You can’t always control the temperature, but you can easily beat it—with one of the most delicious comforts of winter: a thick, soft blanket.

Blankets aren’t just for the bedroom: a well-chosen throw rug in the right fabric can bring a gorgeous tactile sophistication to your living areas in the cool months, adding comfort as well as the aesthetic benefit of a seasonal makeover. You can entice your family and guests outside even on the coldest days, with the allure of soft rugs, extra pillows and strategically placed throw rugs that give a truly luxurious and welcoming feel to the space.

Daybeds are always a great choice in winter because of the ample space they give to recline with a book and a blanket. They’re also good because they’re usually cushioned with foam and fabric, which won’t be too cold to sit on even in the middle of winter. You can also make better use of the other furniture you’ve got: metal and timber bench seats and table settings can be made over with some extra padding, whether you have cushions purpose-made for them or just drape some throws and cushions to beat the cold and add some softness.

Turn down the lights

One of the best ways to brave the cold is to fool your mind into believing it’s not.

Our brains respond to light cues to regulate their biological rhythms, so you can cultivate feelings of warmth and relaxation in your family and guests with just a little touch of ambience. Fairy lights bring an enchanting glow that’s virtually impossible to resist and, along with other decorative lighting options, they’re often available with solar power sources—which is great news for the environment and your bank account.

Even in this age of LED bulbs, electrical lighting sources will bring a soft, visually warming glow to your living areas, promoting a pleasant and celebratory feeling even in your outdoor entertaining areas—but they still can’t compete with the natural beauty of real flames. Nothing can match the striking beauty and magical glow of eco fires, which also offer the benefits of sustainability and portability. Your family and guests won’t be dreading the approach of the cold months anymore: with the captivating illumination of your eco smart fire bringing absolute enchantment and comfort of real flames into your home, they’ll be impatiently willing winter to arrive, and unexpectedly inviting their friends over every weekend.

Add heat sources

There are many ways to take the edge off the freeze, but the quickest and most effective way is to combat it with a good heat source.

There are lots of heating options available now, and you can be sure to find one that’ll suit your lifestyle and the style of your home without too much trouble. If you prefer not to make your heating a centrepiece of your living areas, you’ll find many discreet options like electric strip heaters that you can run along the tops of your walls or beams to add a good deal of warmth without drawing attention.

But if you’d rather make your heat source a feature, you should consider embracing the open flames of the latest fireplace solutions.

If you prefer to entertain in the luxury of your home, you can still let the fresh air in through the windows and doors without freezing your guests: bio ethanol wall-mounted fires are inexpensive, surprisingly efficient, and incredibly elegant. The sophistication and lightness of tempered glass is the perfect way to enjoy the glow of dancing flames without the work, and because they’re portable fires, you can move them around to warm whichever area you want to use.

Invest in the best

Whether you prefer natural, country style or high-end elegance, you’ll find designer fireplaces that will perfectly suit your palette and aesthetic at Ambience Eco Fires. Our portable outdoor fires will add an ambient radiance to your outdoor entertaining areas, drawing your family and guests into the fresh, cool air so you can enjoy the outdoors all year round—and for a real talking point, you could consider a bio ethanol fire table: they offer a striking visual attraction to any entertaining space, while taking the edge off the cold just as well as any other outdoor fireplaces do. Our interior fireplaces are created with the same German precision, making them an affordable luxury for every home needing a warm heart this winter.

Contact our friendly professionals at Ambience anytime for more information on our range of designer fireplaces, and we’ll be happy to help.


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